Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tally 8.1 vs. Tally 9

Tally 8.1

(A) New features added in Tally 8.1
Ø  Multilingual Support
Ø  Language Directory
Ø  Phonetic keyboards
Ø  Print language
Ø  Restoration of Tally 7.2 ver Data
Ø  Display Colours
Ø  Data Export
Ø  Fringe Benefit Tax
Ø  VAT Composition
Ø  Excise for Dealers
(B) Enhanced Features in Tally 8.1
Ø  Tally_resp.slk file
Ø  Tally Data files
Ø  Loading Icon
Ø  Close Button
Ø  Copying Text From Tally to Windows
Ø  E-Mail Authentication
Ø  Multi-accounting Allocation
Ø  Cost Centre Class in Stock Journal
Ø  Migration
Ø  Migrating Currencies
Ø  Forex Gain/Loss
(C) Problems Fixed in Tally 8.1
Ø  LIFO and FIFO valuation method
Ø  Valuation Method
Ø  Average Cost
Ø Ratio Analysis

Tally 9

(A) New Features added in tally 9
Ø  Tally Payroll
Ø  Multilingual Support
Ø  Statutory and Taxation
(B) Enhanced features in Tally 9
Ø  Statutory Compliance for
Ø  TCP migrated to Tally 8.1 in Tally 9
Ø  Budgets in Tally9
Ø  Display of TDS Bifurcations
Ø  Display of Bank Reconciliation Date in Form 16A
Ø  Printed Price list
Ø  Cost Centre with Scenario
Ø  Stock item with different Rates in invoice
Ø  Negative Quantity Warning
Ø  Exclusion of Groups for Payment and Receipt Vouchers
Ø  Report Title in Multi-Account Printing
Ø  Display of Credit Days
Ø  Altering Single Groups in Multi Group Alteration Mode
Ø  Altering a Forex Purchase Transaction
Ø  Display of Surcharge in Credit Note
Ø  Period-wise VAT forms
Ø  Order of Ledgers in Purchase Invoice
Ø  Invoice against the Sales Orders with Additional Ledgers
Ø  Purchase Vouchers
Ø  Staggered Delivery
Ø  Interest on Loans to Sundry Debtors/Creditors
Ø  Period in TR-6 Challan
Ø  Setting Off Excise Duty Credit against Service Tax Payable
Ø  Display of Date of Deposit/Payment in Form 16A
Ø  Inclusion of New ST3 Form
Ø  Printing Cheques in foreign currency
Ø  Import of Statutory Masters
Ø  Display of VAT Computation Report
Ø  Display of VAT Return report
Ø  Export of E-TDS report


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